Maldivian fashion blue spirit for Invaluable December 17 2014

My styling inspiration with two of my favorite rings from Invaluable 

I am so excited to find this amazing company INVALUABLE.COM. Their beautiful rings inspired me to express my fashion styling with and around their stunning rings!!

As a model/ supermodel agent, I am traveling around the world throughout the year for my business meetings, fashion production or fashion week from Zurich to New York, London, Milan, Paris and also to Asia - where l am creating my own lucky charms jewelry collection. I am always in fashion and around fashion...

Now finally sitting in the most beautiful beach in the world, in the Maldives: blue sky, blue sea, white sand and just the sound of waves. l am  enjoying these beautiful moments on my holiday, the blue spirit, and natural beach look: no make up, no hairdo… just bikinis, colorful clothes, flip flops and the most beautiful two rings.

Invaluable has the most beautiful rings in the world and it was not easy to choose my single favourite piece. Instead I have selected two rings which are on me day and night ...breakfast, lunch, dinner, swimming, chilling by the beach or city glamour... They have truly inspired me, and give me those inspiration for my fashion looks!!!!

Rings can be symbol of love, friendship, happiness, wealth or fashion statement – l choose happiness... because they make me feel happy and they are always going to remind me on these beautiful magical moments!!! Get ready for the holiday season and the new year... Don't wait. Go and find your favorite ring that will make you happy in 2015!!!!

Good luck and have fun!!! 





Invaluable is the world’s largest online auction marketplace, and everyday brings a new variety of fine and decorative arts, antiques, and jewellery pieces, giving collectors unprecedented access to the items they are most passionate about. Invaluable’s live online bidding platform allows collectors to bid in real-time on auctions held around the world.

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