About Zineta Style

Zineta Blank is an ex-model, supermodel agent and owner of Visage.ch.

In 2012 she started to create her own jewelry lucky charms Zineta Style as a hobby only for herself and her friends. As she was traveling around the world from New York to Paris, Milan and London for the Fashion Weeks, the fashion industry started to notice her colorful jewelry and was asking her where to buy it and if they could put it in magazines.

In 2013, Zineta Blank realized that she actually created a trend in the fashion industry. Motivated by her friend Gregory Landsman, she decided to create her own brand "Zineta Style". Her big motivation was to support the beautiful and talented Balinese people who hand-crafted her creations with a lot of love.

However, her very first motivation was in 2013 on the beach in Bali when a pregnant woman came to Zineta to sell her some jewelry because she needed money for food. Zineta did not find any pieces that she really liked but still gave her 20$ to buy food.

After 10 minutes, another four women came to Zineta and asked if they could also get 20$ from her. Zineta answered "But girls you are not pregnant!" and they said that they were also in the same situation without money for food. Zineta decided to make a fair deal with them and asked them to bring her the whole material like crystals, stones, buddhas and much more and to let her create her own collection.

Once Zineta finished her prototypes jewelry, she gave them money for small orders so that they could buy food for them and their families.

When they brought her the final products, Zineta was fascinated and so in love with her own creations that she called them instinctively "that's Zineta Style", even if she never imagined that it could become a lucky charms jewelry brand one day! From this day on, it became one of Zineta's hobby and biggest passion in her life next to creating supermodels!

Today, Zineta Style is a famous worldwide lucky charms jewelry brand for men and women. The collection is 100% handmade by the same Balinese local people that she started with, in need for money to live. Zineta Style is supporting 9 local families, who are not professional jewelry hand crafters but very talented and doing this with love and passion.

Combining natural wood stones, crystals and pearls with special pieces like Indonesian coins, Buddha pendants, silk colorful tassels and even the ‘blue eye of Turkey’, Nazar Bonocuk, Zineta Style is unique!

Zineta most known and special piece is with the slogan "Believe and you will see!" lucky charm, inspired by the local Indonesian old coin money. With this piece Zineta inspired many models, topmodels, celebrities, fashion editors, bloggers and people around the world to believe and reach their dreams. 

Her collection is worn by the likes of supermodels Noah Luis Brown, Taylor Hill, Jerry Hall, Carmen Dell’Orefice, Bruno Santos, Meghan Wiggins, Andreja Pejic or Elias Becker and the world famous Italian singer Gianna Nannini to name a few of them. It was featured in numerous fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, Marie-Claire, L’Official, Glamour and many others.

The collection is available on this website and originally launched in most prestigious and select stores in Switzerland: House of Brands in Jelmoli as well as the concept store Globus in Zürich and Basel. They are also found in the Pink House Fashion Store in Mystique island, the celebrities favorite place!

It’s elegance around your wrist and good karma for you! Temple-blessed and handmade in Bali, the Zineta Style collection is the perfect occasion to treat  yourself and your loved ones to something truly special.
All pieces are exquisitely crafted, with each stone accent adding an incredibly elegant and unique quality to the collection. Suitable for both everyday and formal wear, Zineta Style is the perfect way to maximize a minimalist look. 



"Enjoy this beautiful work I made with with love for people, passion and good energy from Bali. Every single piece is hand made and unique. Every single stone was touring around in hand many times before they were finally put together to a bracelet or necklace. The whole collection and every single pieces was blessed in a temple and is full of unique energy and spirituality.
You will feel this immediately.
Believe and you will see. Love the love and you will enjoy the life. Small things can make you and your beloved ones happy for a long time. Try it, love it, share it  and you will be loved in return."


Zineta Blank