About Zineta Style

Zineta Blank is an ex-model, supermodel agent and owner of Visage.


Traveling is my passion, inspiration, job and my very own life style. I travel all around the world. NYC, Paris, London, Milan, Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, Croatia, Mustique and St. Barth, India, Burma and Egypt are my favourite destinations. Doesn't matter where I go, I always find something I have never seen before and this is what I find so fascinating. I always feel like sharing all these goodies with everyone on the planet. This is why I decided to finally do so and share all those beautiful small things that mean the world to me with you.


I start to share my happy jewellery with you which I discovered two years ago, when I only created it for myself and friends. Whenever I was traveling for the Fashion Week all the Fashion People were totally crazy about my colourful jewellery. Those moments always made me happy and I always gave my jewellery away as little gifts to bring them luck. In the end I had almost nothing left on my hands.

Last October, when I was traveling to NYC my friend Gregory Landsman told me: you are crazy you should promote your own collection in NYC, the people are going to love it. So I really decided to create my own collection. l will always be thankful to Gregory because he was right, the people in NYC was crazy about my creation!! A Super Model Agent loved the jewellery and called it "Happy Jewellery". She said I am going to make so many others happy with the jewellery. Finally, I found the time to create my own collection in my very own direction and out of my happiness for all of you.

Doesn't matter who you are, Fashion People, Editors, Models, Agents, Celebrities, Housewives, Business Woman, poor or rich - my jewellery is here to give you a bit of colour and happiness. This is something that everybody needs.

I am not a jewellery designer. I just put the colours and things together which I feel, love and adore. This is what my own creation collection of happiness and good energy is all about. My inspiration is coming out not just from traveling around the world, sometimes is also coming just from daily conversation with my dearest friends that give me good energy and inspiring me also spiritually!!!

Enjoy this beautiful work I made with my friends and lots of love, passion and good energy. Every single piece is hand made and unique. Every single stone was touring around in hand many times before they were finally put together to a bracelet or necklace. The whole collection was blessed in a temple and is full of unique energy and spirituality.

You will feel this immediately.

Believe and you will see. Love the love and you will enjoy the life. Small things can make you and your beloved ones happy for a long time. Try it, love it, share it  and you will be loved in return.

Zineta Blank